Volume I | The Basics



Teaching middle school and high school photography for four years, I learned there is nothing like the feeling when I see peoples faces light up from learning how to use their cameras. Read here more about my “why” on my blog post HERE.


The BASICS workshop is an introduction to photography. It will go over what all those crazy buttons do on your camera. You will learn how to stop shooting on auto and start shooting manual like a pro. This class if perfect for aspiring photographers, mom’s that love to capture lasting memories, small business owner that wants to learn how to shoot better content, or someone that just simply loves photography! This workshop is perfect for all ages!


We will be going over all the basics of photography, camera settings (aperture, shutter speed and ISO), how to turn a snapshot into a photograph (Compositional elements), Q&A session, hands on learning, and coffee + brunch.


This is a hands on learning course! Make sure to bring a camera that you can practice on as you learn!


Public Us - September 28th, 2019 from 10:00am - 12:00pm

Live shoot- 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Want to learn more? After the workshop, join me on a live shoot! I will be photographing a model downtown and I will walk you step by step how I work on location. Bring your camera to build your portfolio!

*The live shoot is subject to an additional cost.



Bethany Paige Workshop Review

Bethany's Workshop made a WORLD of difference for me! I now am brave enough to shoot in manual and kill the photoshoot! After my first photoshoot in manual, I couldn't wait to tell Bethany and write a testimonial! If you are on the fence or hesitant (as I was) about joining her workshop or a one on one session with her, don't think twice and sign up! You WILL NOT regret it, I promise! - Samantha

Bethany Paige Photography Review.

Bethany’s Workshop was exactly what I needed and more to give me the confidence to use my camera. Her insight and knowledge coupled with her ability to teach it in an eloquent manner made learning the functions a breeze. This workshop was super helpful for anyone beginning or somewhat familiar with photography to hone and refine their skills which was what I needed. I am so happy I took this workshop and attended the live shoot because I learned so much in a few hours vs the amount of time and energy I’ve spent trying to learn this on my own. Thank you Bethany, I look forward to more workshops from you! - Kimberlyn

Bethany Paige Photography Review

I was lucky enough to attend a photography workshop with Bethany Paige. If you’ve had an interest in photography and have no idea where to get started, I HIGHLY suggest you follow her photography page and keep tabs on any future workshops she is planning! So talented and the most kind person. You will love her! The live shoot was most informative for myself as I’m a hands on learner! - Sherese


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